Always Secured

Ensure HTTPS to all the web browsing to provide web safety with our premium Firefox browser add-on.


How does it work?

After installing the Firefox browser add-on, all the URLs that you intend to visit with your Firefox browser will be under the HTTPS safe mode to ensure your browsing safety.

Main features

Ensure HTTPS
Ensure HTTPS for all visiting URLs and browsing safety
In case the webmaster is not privacy-savvy and exposes you to potential threat
Always Safe
24/7 detection, reminder, and protection which gives you the power to control

Frequently asked questions

Always Secured ensure HTTPS to all the URLs that you intend to visit to safeguard your browsing safety.

The internet is a jungle. Many webmasters are not privacy and safety savvy. It's always important to make sure that you use the HTTPS protocol to protect all your browsing activity.

Yes, it's free of charge. It's a free add-on from the Firefox Store.

Please check out the uninstall page.